Deepam TV Live

Deepam TV emerged on the broadcasting scene on June 11, 2000, quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon among Tamil-speaking communities in Europe and the Middle East. Celebrating over a decade of service in the UK, this 24/7 Tamil language channel has redefined the television viewing experience for its audience, bridging geographical distances with its compelling content. Deepam TV prides itself on being the leading Tamil TV channel in Europe, thanks to its high-quality programming that spans across news, entertainment, and cultural showcases. From its state-of-the-art studios in the UK, Deepam TV broadcasts a variety of programs, all the while ensuring compliance with the Office of Communications’ stringent guidelines. This approach guarantees that viewers receive non-political, unbiased news coverage alongside a rich tapestry of shows that celebrate Tamil culture, music, and heritage. Deepam TV’s unparalleled commitment to excellence and its focus on serving the Tamil diaspora have solidified its reputation as a beacon of Tamil media in Europe, connecting hearts and minds across continents.